Chastity Mistress, My review of Mistress Helena

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Chastity Mistress
Chastity Mistress Helena, I remember years ago my Mistress saying
”If I want you to wear chastity, you’ll wear it. You’ll beg me for it”
I thought, no chance. How wrong was I?
Mistress Helena is someone who believes in remaining chaste, she is a Chastity Mistress.
Mistress gets under your skin and gets into your head. Her sweet seductive voice, gently but irresistibly makes you do things you previously would never have dreamt of. This Mistress is like the siren that lured sailors onto the rocks. You may think you don’t want to do something but if Mistress wants you to do something you’ll do it. Either by her gentle power of seduction or the resultant desire to please her. It may be by pure fear of her cane and punishment. Either way, she always gets her way but the seductive method is far more pleasant than the cane.
 This Chastity Mistress will convince you that you want something even if you don’t.
 Chastity has never been of the slightest interest to me. Sessions would start with being locked in chastity. By the end of the session after being teased my cock would be straining to escape. Then upon release the resultant orgasm always seemed more intense. Then I started to look forward to being locked up and indeed begging to be locked up. How pathetic of me but Mistress had indeed been planting the thoughts in my mind. I became desperate for something that previously never appealed.
It’s another level of control, commitment, and submission. To think I thought I could resist. Gradually over time chastity has become such an intense experience. I crave my Chastity Mistress, I crave her ownership, her control. My Chastity Mistress started to send me home in chastity, again that idea didn’t appeal at all but I had no choice. The first night seemed like torture and indeed it was. However, it didn’t take long to realize that chastity was comforting. Apart from amusing, My Mistress, it was nice to have that constant reminder of that beautiful Goddess, her power, and her control. The feeling of her dominance whilst apart. Another step forward from previously having to beg to wank when at home before the chastity regime. Surrender of a basic male instinct to a superior power. Believe it’s a real mind fuck. Taking control of my urges and desires has led to deep psychological changes which has deepened my submission and servitude.

A real plus side is the intensity of my orgasms when in session with Mistress.  I believe that Chastity makes my orgasms so Incredible. So much that having just been teased to orgasm in session and having an incredible time. Despite being spent and in that comedown state, I wept and then begged my Mistress to cane me. I’ll tell you about Mistress Helena’s caning skills another time.Chastity Mistress