Leeds Double Domme Sessions with your Mistress Helena and her Mistress Friends.



Leeds Double Domme sessions with your Elite Yorkshire Mistress Helena. Your Leeds Mistress will only explore your Double Domme fantasies with certain Leeds Mistresses, her Mistress Friends that she may respect, admire and love to punish you with!

Here is the list of highly recommended Mistress Friends I work with in Leeds for Double Domme. Just sometimes a Double Domme session is a must. Bear in mind Outcall to you or your Hotel are only available unless you come to Huddersfield. I have my own establishment there. I do girl’s nights out in Leeds, imagine being dressed up and going to a cross dress friendly bar. You can be someoe else for the night. My friend and I will make it a night to remember. The mind play can be amazing. So do read about my amazing fellow Yorkshire Mistresses. My friends are only available with me. Vanilla ladies, I have enticed to play.I also work with a Submissive Female, a really sexy beauty. She is the ultimate GF. Now that could be fun! Maybe you should watch us! So contact me to organise that session now!




Yorkshire Mistresses Double Domme

I know what you’ll be thinking when you imagine what Mistress Alchini and I could do to you!

My girlfriend and Double Domme is my sexy, dominant, leggy beauty Mistress Alchini. I know you want us! Ha, but you can NOT ever imagine having us! You will watch if we tease you into submission. You will bequeath any desire we may have. We love to use our fucking machine and milk you with our Venus 2000 making you beg us to stop! You may watch as we kiss passionately red lips meeting one! Dressed to kill in our Fully fashioned Nylons and Heels we will tower over you while you beg grovelling on the floor! We may lock you away in our Confinement Prison Cell while you watch as we play punishing you for your filthy mind! We will drive you insane with our scents of passion and arousal you may experience as we smother you with drenched panties! Then if we so choose you will be caned! Spanked, abused, or humiliated. We love to play. We travel together to London on Tour. Yes, you may spoil us we do love pay piggies! Why not have a double date with us while we tease you in our Nylon Stockings stroking each other oh the sound of Nylons rubbing together! You have now been officially spoilt. Book us via my contact details here.

We also do webcam, or chat sessions on www.adultwork.com


Leeds Double Domme



Meet Cat she is my rather naughty sexy beautiful submissive girl available with me your Yorkshire Mistress. She is 28 has a beautiful slim figure with Double E breasts. My submissive will please Mistress and do as I command. Very sexy and very teasing we will drive you insane. Maybe I will punish her rather pert bottom or make her worship my FFSH Nylons. Make you both bow at my feet. If I command she may tease you while I tell her what to do. I may tie her up and demand you do as  say. We do cater for role plays to, naughty schoolgirls head girl bully etc. The list is endless. So try a new experience now. Finding submissive girls like Cat is very hard. She is stunning too. Long dark hair I love to pull. Call me now to organize this now. We are available in Huddersfield at the intimate sexy sensual location or out to you in York, Leeds, Manchester, York, London, and Cheshire. Basically, we charge a double fee and time of travel, etc. If in London minimum time of 3 hours Double rate. My London rate is £750 so double is £1500

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Submissive girl Cat