London Mistress Tour with Busty Mistress 9th July -13th July

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I will be joining my sexy friend Busty Mistress 9th July -13th July, join us for a kinky week of fun and exploration. London Busty Mistress and I will be having an amazing week of fun & frolics in a fetish way together from 9th July – 13th July. I cannot wait. I have missed my sexy girlfriend it’s been … Read More

Chastity Mistress, My review of Mistress Helena

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Chastity Mistress Chastity Mistress Helena, I remember years ago my Mistress saying ”If I want you to wear chastity, you’ll wear it. You’ll beg me for it” I thought, no chance. How wrong was I? Mistress Helena is someone who believes in remaining chaste, she is a Chastity Mistress. Mistress gets under your skin and gets into your head. Her … Read More

Nylon Queen

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This is a review from one of my slaves. I am his Nylon Queen. As my Nylon queen arrived at my door, I could not be more excited, I could see, through the peephole in my front door, that she was wearing a long coat and black gloves. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail, and she wore thick … Read More

Cross-dressing transformation a review by Angel

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Cross-Dressing transformation, this is a review by a wonderful Gent whom I transformed into My Angel. Dear Mistress Helena I contacted you for a male-to-female makeover. Cross-Dressing Transformation. Little did I know what an experience I was in for! The 5 hours flew by. From the initial greeting and drink to walking out in public as my new self for … Read More

Hypno Mistress – Yorkshire Mistress Helena

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Yorkshire Mistress Helena

Hypno Mistress I am a genuinely trained Hypnosis Yorkshire Mistress offering Hypnosis in sessions to those who crave real submission through Hypnosis. This is a review of my work. I met Joe several years ago he revisited me last month. He is always thinking of me. thinking of serving me. Throughout those years I’ve yearned for the chance to switch … Read More

Review of A True Dominatrix Yorkshire Mistress Helena

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“So I had the privilege of meeting with Yorkshire Mistress Helena. And it showed me absolutely what anyone needs to do find the perfect True Dominatrix. At the risk of spoilers this early in a blog post, if you want to find the perfect True Dominatrix then you already have if you are considering contacting Mistress Helena. But let me … Read More

Chastity Devices the Cellmate get yours to be in Lockdown

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Chastity Device the new Cellmate Cage Offers new Chastity keyholding options When Mistress K at the House of Denial chastity website emailed me to let me know that they’d just released the new Cellmate chastity device cage and it piqued my interest. She claimed that it would allow me as a keyholder to control my chastity slaves via an app … Read More

London Mistress Charlotte on tour with Yorkshire Mistress Helena 30th Nov to 2nd Dec 2018

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The Highly acclaimed London Mistress Charlotte will be on Tour with me your Elite Yorkshire Mistress on the 30th November until the 2nd December 2018. This is indeed is a Mistress tour you will regret to miss. The well spoken, educated London Mistress Charlotte is a true Dominant, an established true London Dominatrix whom I admire and will always recommend. … Read More

Yorkshire Mistress Touring Elizabeth Swan available 25th to 27th April 2018.

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Yorkshire Mistress is offering Double Domme sessions with Touring London Mistress Elizabeth Swan on the 25th till the 27th April. This amazing Mistress and Lady is back in Huddersfield. Yorkshire Mistresses. Yorkshire Mistresses Mistress Elizabeth Swan and I we will be running sessions in Huddersfield at my Elite premises. Why not book a Huddersfield Mistresses, Double Domme session with us … Read More