Review of Huddersfield Mistress Helena

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Your pet and slut, slave Ben

My visit to Huddersfield Mistress Helena was sublime. I had arranged a duo meet with her and a good friend of hers. From the moment I arrived I felt comfortable and at ease despite being mesmerised by her beauty. I was greeted at the door and led upstairs to her bedroom where her friend was waiting. We talked about my wishes to be their slut and dominated and worship. During the call to book I had expressed my love of latex and thigh high boots. Both Huddersfield Mistress Helena and her friend had obliged and I was aroused instantaneously. They spoke softly to me at first and teased me before making me undress. The Huddersfield Mistress Helena was burning some oils in the room which were very relaxing and calming and heightened the senses. For the next hour I was at their mercy whilst always assured of my safety and pleasure as much as their own pleasure. I was dressed up as a slutty nurse with gorgeous heels that¬†Mistress kindly allowed me to wear. My Huddersfield Mistress asked what I had tried and what I hadn’t and she introduced me to some wonderful new experiences. Including some mild electrics using a wand. I was given a safe word but I never had to use it as Huddersfield Mistress Helena and her friend were perfect in their abilities and clearly very well versed in their craft. They teased me and spit roasted me with strapons, training me as the slut I am. After making me cum in a condom and then a little on my hand I cleaned up with my tongue. We talked whilst I cleaned and it felt as if I’d been there for much more than an hour. There was no sense of being rushed out of the door or clock watching either. After a short chat I was shown to the shower which the¬†Huddersfield Mistress Helena had got running for me already and given towels to use. Before I left we spoke a little more and I can safely say I left feeling like I had spent time with a close friend, not just someone I’d met only an hour before. I will definitely recommend Mistress Helena to anyone and I am saving up again already to spend more time with her soon. In my dreams I worship her every night and am her little house pet ensuring her life is easy.