A review of my Huddersfield Mistress Helena

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My second visit with this wonderful Huddersfield Mistress took a long time to arrange, my work kept getting in the way. As time went on the more I wanted to see my Mistress again finally an appointment was made and my nerves started.

My previous visit was the very first time I had seen a Dominatrix and Huddersfield Mistress Helena was very accomodating, helpful and err dominating! This time was no different, she is an amazing lady.

I approached the door at the appointed time, shaking like a leaf (just like my first time), I knocked at the door, it opened and I was invited in. Stood behind the door was my beautiful Huddersfield Mistress, nerves now gone and her gentle voice, a hug and kiss on my cheek melted away all of my concerns. I dealt with gifts for ‘The boys’ ( the bones for the wolves ), and this Huddersfield Mistress and I off we went upstairs to her dungeon (is that the right term for an upstairs room, can you have a dungeon upstairs?). The Huddersfield Mistress had invested in some new furniture and equipment since my last visit, I was instructed to strip and kneel before Mistress (she changes fast when you cross the threshold). I found myself being strapped to a new piece of equipment, a white padded caning bench. It was very comfortable until Mistress Helena made a start. Just to my left in easy view was a tall basket containing an array of canes, floggers etc. Mistress was looking through to make a selection but then moved away. Confused now then the puzzle was solved with a hard slap from Mistress. Boy does she know how to use her hands. The slaps were coming thick and fast and my backside getting more tender with each slap. My Huddersfield Mistress explained that’s the warm up, I assume that’s mistress’s warm up, my backside was stinging. Then those lovely legs appear in view and she starts looking at the selection of implements, at this point I bury my head, it’s best not to see. I hear the instructions to count and to score from 1 to 10 followed by ‘Thank you Mistress’. I hear the unmistakeable woosh as whatever it was travelled through the air followed by the wack and the stinging pain. ‘1, 7 thankyou Mistress’, its very easy to get the numbers mixed up and you really don’t want to give a low score to the pain! We went through 3 different implements before mistress gave me some recovery time and did some very nice things to my balls, a real biiter / sweet experience and she explained that’s my reward for taking the caning. She then chose her next implement of her pleasure and my pain, woosh, wack and the process went on. All the time this Huddersfield Mistress skilfully hitting the same place OMG it does hurt, the more it hurts the more mistress enjoyed my pain. She used an anal electrode on me to help distract me from the pain in by backside and you know what, it did work, the burning I had faded away and woosh wack, it all cam back much to the delight of Mistress. No wonder this Huddersfield Mistress look so fit, 8 canes, 6 wacks with each she really does keep fit.

Now relieved the caning was done ( This Huddersfield Mistress said for now which kind of kept me on my toes) she then decided that anal play and some strap on action would be next. Just before she started that she decided that MH should be scratched on my bum, her nails are sharpe, my tender bottom really ley me know she was digging in, the deed was done thank goodness. Mistress took a photograph but the MH wasn’t to her liking so she went over it again, jesus those nails come keen, second time was much better and a photograph to Mistresses liking was taken. Phew relax.

Mistress then removed the anal electrode and proceeded with a vibrator as my reward. This was a new and strange sensation, Mistress was very skilfull at hitting all the right places. Of course in this kneeling position strapped down you are very vulnerable to whatever Mistress feels should be done. I felt Mistresses hands on my balls whilst this amazing sensation was going on, I then felt the crush pain as Mistress adjusted the size of my balls and theres nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it, you really are very vulnerable and at Mistresses mercy.

Mistress then decided it would be a great idea to introduce be to her strapon, not sure whether it should be termed strapon or strap in, she does assure me it was the smallest one she has. She lubed me up and then proceeded to train my hole to receive this new visitor. It was a very pleasant experience and best of all, Mistress seemed to enjoy it too. She used various vibrators on me as well as tugging on my balls whilst using her strap on with great skill. The sight of Mistress in the mirror banging away at your back door is a sight to behold. Finally she was done with that, I was unstrapped and stood up for the fist time since entering the room.

Mistress led me over to the bed and attached my hands to the roof. Now the real torment, she used a really powerful vibrator on my cock and balls which really got me stood to attention.

I was invited to lay on the bed, OMG what an invitation, how lucky am I. Mistress tied me down and said ‘Time for needle play’ Oh, that, eeek. I did needle play on my first visit I volunteered for them in my nipples, mistress decided in my penis too, what would happen this time? She made a start on my nipples and did about 4 in each, they were a little more painful this time but not impossible. I thought she was going to move on, we chatted for a while and then she said ‘I wonder how many more we can get in’ here we go again, she then said ‘oh look theres a hundred here’ I didn’t look, I kept my eyes tightly shut. I lost count but I would guess 7 or 8 went into each nipple. Then she cranked up the fear factor by grabbing my penis and saying ‘Your turn’.  Last time I had three skillfully placed along the shaft, mistress wasted no time and I felt the needles going in, 7 or 8 again, she then grabbed my scrotum and said we need some here, ‘We’?, ‘Need’? Really before I had time to comment they were in. I breathed a sigh of relief when Mistress asked ‘Did we put any in the head last time?’ err no Mistress. A very sinister laugh came from Mistress and I was in no doubt what was coming. She informed me these hurt more and it would bleed, you know what, it did and it did. The pain is really different, my head (the one on my shoulders) was all over the place, I managed not to scream. 4 needles went in.

Mistress then proceeded to use her very powerful vibrator on my needled cock, it was a strong sensation and ended up quite painful. Mistress removed the needles and made me very happy at the end!

If you are thinking of seeing Mistress Helena then stop it, make the appointment, shes amazing, a better Dominatrix you will not find. Mistress has the ability to put you at ease, be your friend whilst Dominating you. Its an amazing mix, her skills are in no doubt and at all times you KNOW she is in complete control and you WILL do whatever she decides.

Mistress, Thank You