Chastity Devices the Cellmate get yours to be in Lockdown

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Chastity Device the new Cellmate Cage Offers new Chastity keyholding options

When Mistress K at the House of Denial chastity website emailed me to let me know that they’d just released the new Cellmate chastity device cage and it piqued my interest. She claimed that it would allow me as a keyholder to control my chastity slaves via an app on my phone instead of having a key for the lock. This will allow me to unlock the cage with the click of a button rather than having to either mail out the key or unlock you in person during a session. It all sounded a little too good to be true, so I emailed her back to find out more. This is the website link

The Cellmate, manufactured by Qiui, allows the wearer to pair the device with their phone via bluetooth then send control over the lock to a keyholder within the free downloadable app. It means that I can control you and unlock you at a time of my choosing from anywhere in the world. As a keyholder this presents some fantastic options that were previously more challenging to deal with.

Firstly, distance keyholding requires an element of trust. Having a spare key that’s easily accessible in the case of emergencies can tempt some slaves into releasing themselves without permission. You could freeze the key in ice or send regular pictures of My locked cock, but the Cellmate now removes that issue entirely. The app gives you a complete history log of events, so I can see exactly when the cage was unlocked. Problem solved.

Postal services around the world have been known to misplace or lose packages. If you’re located in the United States and I need to send the key to the padlock keeping a chastity cage locked to you it can take time for delivery. Express services are widely available, but they’re usually quite costly. In view of Lockdown due to the Coronavirus this maybe limited, yet again, the Cellmate solves this issue. There’s no longer the need to wait for a week or more for a key to arrive in the post. If it gets to you! This is fool proof, I simply open the app, click “unlock” and within seconds the internal lock will be released. We can then get on with a little tease and denial before you’re locked back up for however long I deem appropriate.

Once you’ve purchased the chastity device Cellmate cage, which you can order from the House of Denial website here, you set it up on the app then send me a friend request. Once accepted, you can then send a request for me to take control of the lock. Very easy and only takes a few minutes though Mistress K has informed me that herself and Slave D at the House of Denial are available to offer support via email if you have any questions or need help setting it up.

The chastity device cage you’ll be wearing is available in 2 different sizes (regular and long) and the box includes 2 ring sizes. The battery in the cage is replaceable and lasts for 8-10 months before it needs to be changed. If the battery runs down to 15% the lock automatically opens so that you’re not going to get stuck in it. It can be worn in the shower as it’s waterproof, so please don’t ask to be unlocked everytime you need to clean yourself.

Interested? You can buy a Cellmate chastity device and many other chastity devices right now on the House of Denial website. They post worldwide, so no matter where in the world you are this new cage could be yours. Once you have the cage in hand contact me here to discuss online chastity keyholding.

In view of the current climate where sessions are not accessible face to face I am offering online sessions. I can therefore still control and connect with you. Maintaining our BDSM relationship continues. I am your keyholder. Together we will strengthen our bond and of course heighten release if I choose to allow release. No concern over losing keys in the post! Yes it has happened. This system works well one of the leading chastity device systems available.

Buy yours now.

Your Mistress x