Huddersfield Mistress Helena Prison Cell Confinement Sessions

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Huddersfield Mistress

Welcome to Huddersfield Mistress Helena’s Confinement cell

At my discreet Huddersfield Chambers I have an amazing Victorian Prison Cell ideal to lock you up all night. Available 24 hours a day. Overnight confinement offered shackled in original Victorian handcuffs and shackles. Your Huddersfield Mistress will ensure you remain as a detainee as long as I choose. Sensory deprivation maybe? I will decide your punishments. Maybe I shall cuff you to the St. Andrews cross and flog you for your sins. You best behave for your Huddersfield Mistress or more punishment served.

Come seek the pleasures or pain at your Huddersfield Mistress location. I have a new addition a Fucking machine. Yes you will take it! Be aware I have a well equipped play space. I also offer live Webcam at additionally I offer Adult chat my user name is MistressHell. Surprisingly!

I am currently seeking a regular morning cleaning maid for duties. Huddersfield Mistress needs reliability and references. Do you want to be owned. Call your chosen Huddersfield Mistress now. Regular tribute required.

I am also available with some amazing Huddersfield Mistress for Double Domination. Mistress Tania, Mistress Jay or Mistress Desire. In Leeds with Mistress Firefly another strict Mistress.

Your Huddersfield Mistress can also offer sessions with my slave submissive girl Cat. My beautiful long legged slave girl who is always ready on her knees to do as I her Mistress commands. We will travel to most locations dependent on area and time of travel.

So what are you waiting for come and explore my BDSM Playspace now why waste time

Tel Huddersfield Mistress Helena on 07557516183

Available for mild to strict Domination.