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“I had the fortune of stumbling upon Leeds Mistress Helena through the randomness of Google just a little under three months ago now. If I’m honest with myself I’ve had bdsm and female domination fantasies for more than half my life but like most people, I’ve suppressed them, or suppressed playing them out for real and instead sufficed with fantasising behind closed doors. Well for reasons I shan’t go into something changed in my life a little under three months ago now, and I decided it was time to play out the fantasy for real. I’m not quite sure what happened, but after a brief phone conversation I cannot recall, I found myself booked in for session within four days. I told myself two things. One, that the fantasy might actually be better than the reality and to be prepared for that, and two, it’s just one session. ONE session. Well, I’m writing this to you now after 10 sessions in 11 weeks. Leeds Mistress Helena is quite simply mesmerising, elite, well spoken, very sensual and yet very cruel. In that first session I was quite simply put at ease, felt very comfortable and found myself letting go beyond the limits I’d set in my mind. I was back within a week for session number two and by session three I found myself uttering the words, I’m yours my Leeds Mistress, do to me as you please. Very big steps, I felt, for someone new to playing the game. All of this though, was down to Mistress. She was in my head, understood my limits and knew how to push me and challenge me within them. Every session has pushed harder and further and has left me craving more. What’s ironic is I a though I’m submitting myself and allowing myself to be dominated, I actually feel so free and liberated. I can’t wait for the next step of our journey together.”

“Leeds Mistress Helena will draw you in with her sensual touch and softly spoken voice, but beware, it won’t last long. She’ll have you submitting and taking pain all for her pleasure, and you’ll do it. You’ll do it because it’s your rightful place. It’s your destiny to be beneath her feet and at her mercy. A session with Elite Leeds┬áMistress Helena is simply mind blowing. What are you waiting for?”