Owned and collared by Leeds Mistress Helena, a house boys testimonial.

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I am now property of leeds Mistress Helena, known widely by some as Mistress Hell. Trust me this lady is firm and can take you to that dark side! I now understand.

This blog is my story of transition to becoming a slave of Leeds Mistress Helena. It was around Mid December 2016, I am an avid kinkster and twitter fan following many Mistresses. I follow other kinkster’s and interested parties! I was always fearful of meeting and interacting with any Mistresses for a long time, but I had been following Leeds Mistress Helena for a long time. I had an avid interest in one day meeting and sessioning with her. I was drawn to a photo on twitter of her legs and feet. The Leeds Mistress was wanting a slave to pamper her. I plucked up courage and I sent Mistress Helena a direct message offering my services to pamper to her needs. It was then we sorted out a time and date on the Sunday. I must admit I was very nervous, however I bought her champagne, her favourite tipple and flowers to try and impress! I buy her flowers every week now!

The moment had arrived, I knocked on her door, it opened and the Leeds Mistress Helena smiled at me. Wow! I was so smitten and happy I had the courage to turn up. We talked and had a drink together, we seemed to get along well, it was a mind blowing session. My word this lady really knew how to dominate and be very warm at both the same time. A real head ****. Altogether this which was so exiting, I was really happy I had met this beautiful lady! It was time for me to leave and get myself back home to my usual life, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Mistress Helena. I had to see her again. I booked her so many more times. I was addicted to her strength, control and ultimate decadence. We chatted about things and she did say she was looking for long term servitude. I couldn’t resist. I wanted to be the house boy of Leeds Mistress Helena. I said I would help her out if she wanted it, she implied my help would be useful, but I had to be her slave. Loyalty, regular sessions and gratitude. Why of course I agreed to her terms, I am even now ready to be there when the time comes she has her Wolf and lion rescue sanctuary. Yes combined with a BDSM Hotel in a decadent Chateau. Love it! This is the start of an adventure. One day I was helping mistress with moving rubbish and other activities when we starting talking of a name for me, I am Hells property, found on twitter so follow my adventures! I am born! My adventures, Part 2 to follow! Read Leeds Mistress Blog. She is trustworthy and one of the true Mistresses I will ever meet. I know as I still watch many others profiles. This Mistress now canes and trains me. I am amazed at how I have accepted this life. She truly is one of the best Leeds Mistresses around.

For my Leeds Mistress Helena
Total dedication x