My Testimonial for my first Domination Encounter with Huddersfield Mistress Helena

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I thought I should perhaps write a small review of my experience which may help others.


I first wrote to Mistress Helena over a year ago, she was one amongst 3 or 4 dominatrix’s that I had written to. Mistress was the only one that came across, caring and sympathetic and I was invited to see her. That sent shivers down my spine and I was scared to death, no way was I going to make that appointment.


Well a year on and curiosity got the better of me, I wrote to Mistress Helena again, I had quite a list of things I would like to try but was also aware that I shouldn’t be telling Mistress how to run the session. After a couple of emails which she tried to calm my fears I received one asking me to call her. OMG, for some reason my thumb pressed the button and I was talking with Mistress, her voice was very calming, we had a very frank discussion, my face was bright red, heart pounding but my nerves non existent, my appointment was made for 2 days time for 3 hrs.


On the day I drove to Mistress’s premises and I became really nervous, I was shaking before I went in. I finally approached the door and knocked on the door, it opened I was invited in and behind the door was Mistress Helena. She is stunning and the old adage of her photographs don’t do her justice is so true. I was welcomed with a hug, my nerves had vanished, the tribute sorted and I had given myself to Mistress for the next 3 hrs.


I was shown to the bathroom (very nice) and I was asked to use a Douche because one of my requests was anal play, Mistress Helena explained that it made play much more pleasant for both parties. I did as instructed, took a shower and made my way up to the playroom where Mistress was waiting.


There’s an amazing amount of equipment in there and Mistress Helena very quickly blindfolded me (at my request) so I had no visual clues what was happening. Mistress started by talking quietly to me and stroking me. Her skin is amazing, her voice soothing and her whisper quite threatening. We started with Hypnosis, I have been hypnotised before, it was very relaxing, breathing slowed down, mind opened up and Mistress was inside my head.


Mistress then started in her craft, she tied me up, nipple clamps were attached which to be honest were quite gentle, then she tied up my balls, this got the first yelp from me, what a wimp! Fully secured electrics were then used on my anus, balls and penis. It was a first for me and the sensation was very nice. Mistress explained that the electrics would be a good distraction from the pain that was coming later. She used a pinwheel on me, that was so good and then the nipple clamps were changed. This took it up a whole level and strangely I could no longer feel the electrics working, that is until she turned it up further, then I couldn’t feel the pain of the nipple clamps. All the time she was playing in my head. Some other electrical play took place I think it may have been a violet wand but I’m not sure. At all times Mistress Helena was firmly in control, re-assuring me and putting me at ease.


Then as I was laid there, secured, zapped and clamped the electrics were changed to some for of clips on my penis and balls, the clips themselves had quite a bite when the electrics were added it was painful, within my limits but painful. Mistress then removed the nipple clamps and said she was now going to do another item on my list – needles and nipples.


My mind was now in overdrive, what an idiot, did I really want this done? I got into the mindset pain is only a sensation, breathed deeply and relaxed. Mistress Helena administered a few heavier shocks with the electrics and then proceeded to put a needle through my nipple. Deep breath and it was in, well that’s was OK I thought. I figured she would do the same to my other nipple but no, she stayed with my right nipple and started to put another needle in. Mind now working overtime, I had a vision that one needle would be placed in each nipple, nah not so, 6 needles were placed in my right nipple. To be honest with Mistress talking, with the electrical distractions going on down below, it really wasn’t too bad. She then very kindly moved on to my left nipple and did the same again. I knew what was coming, I didn’t make a sound and my breathing continued normally, I was impressed with myself.


Mistess confirmed it all looked good and proceeded to remove the electrics from my penis and balls. She was stroking my penis and I could almost sense her mind was plotting her next move, but what was it to be. She whispered in my ear, needles can be used here as well. That got my pulse racing, I never suggested this but I did agree to submit fully to Mistress. I replied I was in no position to negotiate and Mistress should do what she thinks is appropriate for me. She thought a little more (about half a second) and said, yes I think we’ll have some needles down here. Jeez what have I done. She proceeded to place needles in my penis and much to my amazement they weren’t too bad until she got near the head, they hurt but I was in a kind of mindset of submission and it was good.


Mistress then decided that electrics and needles go together and proceeded to apply electrons to the needles, wow these boxes can be powerful, she gradually pushed my limits and towards the end the shocks were quite violent. This was to condition me for the next event – caning, flogging etc.


As is Mistresses way being the caring sort, she said she would insert an anal electrode so that the electric stimulation would distract me from the pain in my backside that was about to happen. Suitably bunged and electrics turned on I was placed across stand in a kneeling position. Mistress proceeded to slap me with her hand, I was amazed how my bottom became very sensitive in a very short space of time. I was concerned how I was going to deal with the various whips, canes, floggers and instruments of Mistresses pleasure. I cant remember the order, I was asked to score each stroke on a scale of 1 to 10. Mistress administered 6 strokes of each item and usually ended with a 10 which had me clenching my fists and gritting teeth.


I was then chained to a roof truss and the end of my visit ended very happily.


If you’re a novice and have the immense fears that I had, place yourself in the care of this wonderful Mistress. She will explore your limits, have a laugh along the way and fulfil your requests as best she can. She is very, very skilled, has a well equipped playroom and an amazing ability to put you at ease in this first step into a whole new world. I’m so glad I have taken the step and I’m sure I will return for another session, unsure of how my limits will be pushed but I have absolute confidence in Mistress Helena taking me to places that I’ve never been to before. Thank you Mistress