Review of Huddersfield Mistress Helena

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Here is my review as promised.

I have just enjoyed a wonderful session with Huddersfield Mistress Helena in a West Yorkshire in Huddersfield. Huddersfield Mistress Helena is an extremely attractive woman with the body of a tall and curvaceous model. The Huddersfield Mistress put me at ease when I arrived by discussing my proposed scenario over a cup of tea. This Elite Huddersfield Mistress expertly adapted to my scenario and  catered for all my fetishes as well  as some extra humiliating tasks for her amusement. She seems to enjoy humiliation and laughed at me numerously. Her firm, controlling voice was hypnotic and had me spellbound to her every command. My session climaxed just as I had requested and left me feeling gratified and giddy with what I had just experienced. I most definitely will be visiting this supreme Goddess again in the near future. Just to say her Huddersfield location was immaculate, clean and well equipped for a domestic dungeon. She even has a Victorian Jail Cell! It felt an honour to be invited by this supreme Huddersfield Mistress to the decadent Victorian Mansion type property. I was spellbound and intoxicated by this Huddersfield Mistress Helena. She has a natural dominant presence which made me feel somewhat in awe.

The bathroom facilities are immaculate a large Victorian bathroom ideal for my dressing up as a sissy. My Goddess Mistress Helena had a few silky items of clothing for me to wear and made me parade around the bathroom. It amused my Mistress.  I loved my shower in the big bath tub once Huddersfield Mistress had used me as her human toilet the golden champagne had flowed well she is an amazing lady.

So needless to say I shall return soon. I cannot wait to see this Huddersfield Mistress once more and she has recommended Double domination with her Mistress friends Mistress Tania, Mistress Jay or Mistress Sasha. Decisions decisions. What is a poor sissy like me to do.

I can highly recommend my Huddersfield Mistress Helena though she is my trusted Key holder now. Oh till we meet again Mistress.. I may even brave the Victorian style Prison Cell for a night of Confinement. Hotel a la Huddersfield Mistress!


John x