Treble Domination Huddersfield Mistresses Fetish Party 15th Dec 2015

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Christmas is here bitches and sluts. Your Goddesses the fine Huddersfield Mistresses are having a kinky fetish party! Hosted by Huddersfield Mistresses, Mistress Tania and the rather sadistically seductive Huddersfield Mistress Jay. Starting at 2 until 6 at one Exclusive venue, with a Holding Prison Cell perfect to lock you in whilst you watch Mistresses punish a slave! Then on … Read More

Huddersfield Double Domme caning & Bondage session with Huddersfield Dominatrix Tania and I

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HUDDERSFIELD DOMINATRIX MISTRESS TANIA AND OUR SLAVE CANING AND BONDAGE SESSION Huddersfield Dominatrix Mistress Tania and I had one of our fun sessions oh don’t get me wrong it was most cruel however entertaining to cruel Huddersfield Dominatrix like us. We had just had coffee when my slave rang for a session. I just told him to expect a surprise and of course … Read More

Huddersfield Mistresses Double Domination Delights

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I have to say as a Fine Elite Female Supremacist I so adore my good friend and Double Domme Mistress Tania! She has the skill of a true Professional Dominatrix and the ability to adapt to any session requirement 22 years a Mistress. This experienced and established fine Yorkshire Mistress Disciplinarian never fails to enjoy her Domination of YOU! Together we will … Read More