Yorkshire Mistresses having fun while slaves serve us such is life!

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Yorkshire Mistresses

Having fun with my latex gimp with my Yorkshire Mistresses


I so love my fellow Yorkshire Mistresses, Mistress Tania and Mistress Jay, we certainly know how to socialise. We all had a get together at mine. Just sometimes its fun relaxing with other ladies who love BDSM play. We are lifestyle Mistresses who do enjoy having slaves over to humiliate and serve us. Every girl needs a gimp!

My Yorkshire Mistresses arrived beautifully dressed, with a slave each in tow! Made to strip down the slaves on arrival, it was funny! Made to crawl they followed us into the lounge. I was being pampered by my gimp! All dressed in latex with his breather mask on. He arched his back ready to be used as our footstool. I handed Mistress Jay an electro stimulation box and she attached it to his balls and cock. We decided to make him  dance like a puppet while we giggled at his pain!

Mistress Tania ordered her slave to attend to her boots, well they needed a good shine while we discussed our days events! Shopping nails, oh the recent lingerie order from Agent Provocateur! The slaves listened to our chatter and of course needed to be punished just as they should! My slave was then ordered to massage my feet while I sipped the champagne they had brought us. Don’t worry we did give them some served fresh from a feeding cup direct from running sources!  Our fortified wine! Such lucky slaves. We do love having them around perfect tuned to our needs.


Some slaves are so lucky!